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Tri the Parks

Marietta, GA 30067 US

Packet Pick Up

Packet pickup for each race is available as follows:

Thursday (two days) before each race at All3Sports from 10:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Friday (the day before the race) at the park from 1 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Race Day from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. (the only exception is for Richard B Russell State Park which is from 5:30 a.m. until 7:00 a.m.)

Photo IDs

Photo IDs are required for packet pickup for all races.  Participants cannot be admitted to the race without a photo ID, so please don't forget it.  

Multi-Race Discount

Multi-race registration discounts are available through the third race of our season.  Sign up for three or more races and get $5 off per race!

Race Transfer Policy

Due to the number of race transfer requests and cancellations that occur in the weeks prior to a race we have implemented the following policy that is in accordance with USAT Policy.  This policy has been created in fairness to all the athletes so that equal opportunity exists for registering for a Tri the Parks Triathlon Race Series event.  There are no race day registrations or race transfers on race day for any Tri the Parks Triathlon Race Series event, even if a registered athlete is a "no show" and a slot is available.  This policy has been implemented in fairness to all other athletes who registered for the event to ensure that events start on time, for safety considerations and event management.


Refunds will not be issued after a registration has taken place, but under certain circumstances, race transfers can occur.  A race transfer is defined as transferring an athlete's registration to another race for any reason (injury, unexpected calendar conflict, etc.)  A race transfer can occur under the following conditions.  The request to transfer out of a race must be made 14 days or more prior to that scheduled event date.  No transfers will be allowed underneath this deadline.  The fee for a race transfer is $25 and must be received before the 14 day window for transfer expires.  Transfers can be made to any race in the Tri the Parks Triathlon Race Series under these conditions.  However, there are no transfers from the last race of the season to another race in the following season.  A transfer can be requested for a race scheduled earlier in the season as long as it is made while the "transfer to" race is still open for registration.


Considerable effort goes into producing an event such as a triathlon and funds are expended and applied in good faith based on a registration.  Transferring two weeks out from an event can be managed, but under the two week limit a transfer causes considerable issues both monetarily and organizationally as packets have been prepared with sized t-shirts, chip numbers have been requested based on the athlete's entry, and perhaps a race has been closed in which a transfer would bar another athlete from entering the event.


Thank you very much for your understanding of this policy and thank you also for your participation in the Tri the Parks Race Series.

USAT Rules

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the USAT Competitive Rules.  For safety concerns and the protection of all athletes be sure to wear your helmet with chinstrap fastened at all times before/during/after events when on your bike as the violation of this rule is a disqualification from the event.

USAT Common Rule Violations

  1. Helmets and Chinstraps: Helmets must be worn and securely fastened at all times while in possession of  your bike. This means from the time you remove your bike from the rack at the start of the bike leg, until  after you have placed your bike on the rack at the finish of the bike leg.  
  2. Unauthorized Assistance: No assistance other than that offered by race staff (including volunteers), medical officials and active participants may be used. A participant shall not physically assist the forward progress of  another participant on any part of the course.  
  3. Non-Draft Legal Bike Position Rules: Athletes must ride right and only move left to complete a legal pass and  must not block athletes attempting a legal pass. Athletes must not pass on the right. Drafting is not allowed.  An athlete should not attempt to complete a pass unless the athlete is highly confident in their ability to  complete the pass in the allotted amount of time. Once an athlete enters the draft zone of another cyclist  there is only one exit and that is out the front.  
  4. Entire Course: Athletes must complete the race course in its entirety and as prescribed including in segment  order. 
  5. Headphones and Communication devices: Participants may carry a phone (such as, mounted on bike  handlebars or in an arm band), but may not use communication devices of any type, including but not limited to cell phones, smart watches, and two-way radios, in any distractive manner during the  competition. A “distractive manner” includes but is not limited to making or receiving phone calls, sending  or receiving text messages, playing music, using social media, taking photographs or using in a one- or two way radio communication. Using any communication device in this manner during the competition may result in disqualification. 
  6. Glass Containers: Glass containers are prohibited. Bringing a glass container into transition may result in  disqualification. 
  7. Race numbers: All athletes are required to wear race numbers at all times during the run. Numbers must  be clearly visible at all times. Numbers may not be altered in any way that prevents clear identification. 

Inclement Weather Policy

We always strive to produce a full and safe multi-sport event, but weather conditions can sometimes affect those plans. 


We encourage all participants to arrive as scheduled on race day morning as weather condition-related decisions will be made shortly before the race start time.  In many instances, weather conditions in one part of the state may not be affecting the event site location, or weather conditions may improve in the hours preceding the event, both of which affect the race start.


In the event of light to moderate rain, and the absence of any lightning, our goal is to proceed with the full triathlon event as long as road conditions are safe and will allow the bike and run portions to take place.


If there is lightning in the area, the event is placed into a weather hold and can be held for up to one hour.  If the lightning has departed the area, the race can proceed as planned.  If there is still evidence of the potential for lightning in the area, the race can be converted into a duathlon (run, bike, run) by canceling the swim portion of the event.


If the swim and bike courses are determined to be unsafe, but the run course is determined to be safe, the event can be modified into a run-only event.


If all three portions of the event are determined to be unsafe after one hour of a weather hold, the event can be canceled.


The events have a one-hour weather hold timeframe because each location impacts the safety of the event by such factors as other scheduled events at the locations, increasing traffic on the bike and run courses as the morning passes, law enforcement and medical support schedules, and coordinated permit limitations if the weather hold exceeds one hour.

Race Series Scoring Rules

Eligibility:  Individuals must complete three of the triathlons, duathlons or aquabike races to be considered in series standings respectively and eligible for series awards.  

Category Declaration:  Category declared for the first race will be the category assignment for the entire series.  No category changes during the series.  For series scoring purposes, USAT Age Group designation applies.  For example your age group is determined by your age as of December 31st of the event calendar year.  Categories available for series awards are:


•Male and Female Overall (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

•Male and Female Masters (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

•Male and Female Age Groups (1st, 2nd, 3rd)  14-Under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90+  

•Physically Challenged

•Clydesdale (1st, 2nd, 3rd), Athena (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

•Relay Teams Male, Female, Mixed (1st Place)


Series Wetsuit Rule:  All Tri the Parks Triathlon Race Series races are USAT-sanctioned events.  Therefore, all USAT rules apply.  Competitors may wear wetsuits if the water temperature is below 78 degrees.  If the water temperature is between 78 - 84 degrees, competitors may wear wetsuits, but will not be eligible for awards.


Scoring:  Competitors' scores will be compiled throughout the season providing an end-of-season ranking within each of the specified categories.  We compared several different systems for computing the standings and decided to use the base time method which we determined to be the most accurate and fair system for establishing standings within a race series.


How does it work?  For each race, the fastest overall non-pro male time and the fastest overall non-pro female time are used as the base times.  All competitor's finish times are divided into the respective (male or female) base time providing a numerical value to be totaled at the end of the season.  After completion of the last race of the series, the results from each race will be totaled if a competitor participated in more than three triathlon events, the lowest numbers from the total will be discarded.  If a competitor participated in more than three duathlon events, the lowest number from the total will be discarded.  The standings are determined by ranking scores from the most number of points to the least number of points.


Team results are calculated in the same manner for male teams and female teams.  Mixed teams results are divided into the average of the overall male and female winning times per race.


Winners will be announced at the end of the season to receive a distinctive award for the series championship at the end-of-season banquet.

14.5 Rules to Race By

We ask all participants in Tri the Parks Events for your help in the following:

1. Respect the sport of Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike by demonstrating good sportsmanlike conduct at all times.

2. Bring your USAT Card to packet pickup if you are a USAT Member and have a photo ID to identify yourself to the registration staff.

3. Perform to the best of your abilities in a safe manner.

4. Do your part to ensure a fair race, by abiding by all USA Triathlon Competitive Rules.

5. Buckle your helmet chin strap before you unrack your bike and only unbuckle it after you rack your bike during the race and anytime you are on your bike at the event site ensure your helmet is on with chin strap fastened.

6. Familiarize yourself with the race course before the start of the race.

7. Notify a race official if you do not plan to begin the race or intend to leave the race or race course at any time before finishing the event.

8. Immediately provide information to the nearest official if you identify an athlete in distress on the course whom may need attention.

9. Have your race number visible and facing forward when you cross the finish line.

10. Return your timing chip to the finish line staff at the conclusion of the race.

11. Be sure to gather all your belongings when packing up to depart the race site.  If you notice later that you are missing something just email us and we can check our Lost and Found.  

12. If you find anything that is not yours please turn into Lost and Found so we can try to identify the owner.

13. Thank a volunteer on race day.

14. Encourage someone on race day.

14.5 Smile on race day … it is contagious.

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