We ask all participants in Tri the Parks Events for your help in the following:

1. Respect the sport of Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike by demonstrating good sportsmanlike conduct at all times.

2. Bring your USAT Card to packet pickup if you are a USAT Member and have a photo ID to identify yourself to the registration staff.

3. Perform to the best of your abilities in a safe manner.

4. Do your part to ensure a fair race, by abiding by all USA Triathlon Competitive Rules.

5. Buckle your helmet chin strap before you unrack your bike and only unbuckle it after you rack your bike during the race and anytime you are on your bike at the event site ensure your helmet is on with chin strap fastened.

6. Familiarize yourself with the race course before the start of the race.

7. Notify a race official if you do not plan to begin the race or intend to leave the race or race course at any time before finishing the event.

8. Immediately provide information to the nearest official if you identify an athlete in distress on the course whom may need attention.

9. Have your race number visible and facing forward when you cross the finish line.

10. Return your timing chip to the finish line staff at the conclusion of the race.

11. Be sure to gather all your belongings when packing up to depart the race site.  If you notice later that you are missing something just email us and we can check our Lost and Found.  

12. If you find anything that is not yours please turn into Lost and Found so we can try to identify the owner.

13. Thank a volunteer on race day.

14. Encourage someone on race day.

14.5 Smile on race day … it is contagious.