Tri the Parks Triathlon Race Series Race Transfer Policy

Due to the number of race transfer requests and cancellations that occur in the weeks prior to a race we have implemented the following policy that is in accordance with USAT Policy.  This policy has been created in fairness to all the athletes so that equal opportunity exists for registering for a Tri the Parks Triathlon Race Series event.  There are no race day registrations or race transfers on race day for any Tri the Parks Triathlon Race Series event, even if a registered athlete is a "no show" and a slot is available.  This policy has been implemented in fairness to all other athletes who registered for the event to ensure that events start on time, for safety considerations and event management.

Refunds will not be issued after a registration has taken place, but under certain circumstances, race transfers can occur.  A race transfer is defined as transferring an athlete's registration to another race for any reason (injury, unexpected calendar conflict, etc.)  A race transfer can occur under the following conditions.  The request to transfer out of a race must be made 14 days or more prior to that scheduled event date.  No transfers will be allowed underneath this deadline.  The fee for a race transfer is $15 and must be received before the 14 day window for transfer expires.  Transfers can be made to any race in the Tri the Parks Triathlon Race Series under these conditions.  However, there are no transfers from the last race of the season to another race in the following season.  A transfer can be requested for a race scheduled earlier in the season as long as it is made while the "transfer to" race is still open for registration.

Considerable effort goes into producing an event such as a triathlon and funds are expended and applied in good faith based on a registration.  Transferring two weeks out from an event can be managed, but under the two week limit a transfer causes considerable issues both monetarily and organizationally as packets have been prepared with sized t-shirts, chip numbers have been requested based on the athlete's entry, and perhaps a race has been closed in which a transfer would bar another athlete from entering the event.

Thank you very much for your understanding of this policy and thank you also for your participation in the Tri the Parks Race Series.