Inclement Weather Policy

We always strive to produce a full and safe multi sport event, but sometimes the weather conditions can affect those plans. 

We encourage all participants to arrive as scheduled on race day morning as weather condition related decisions will be made shortly before the race start time.  In many instances, weather conditions in one part of the state may not be affecting the event site location, or weather conditions may improve in the hours preceding the event, both of which affect the race start.

In the event of light to moderate rain, and the absence of any lightning, our goal is to proceed with the full triathlon event as long as road conditions are safe and will allow the bike and run portions to take place.

If there is lightning in the area, the event is placed into a weather hold and can be held for up to one hour.  If the lightning has departed the area, the race can proceed as planned.  If there is still evidence of the potential for lightning in the area, the race can be converted into a duathlon (run, bike, run) by canceling the swim portion of the event.

If the swim and bike courses are determined to be unsafe, but the run course is determined to be safe, the event can be modified into a run only event.

If after one hour of a weather hold all three portions of the event are determined to be unsafe, the event can be cancelled.

The events have a one hour weather hold timeframe because each location impacts the safety of the event by such factors as other scheduled events at the locations, increasing traffic on bike and run courses as the morning passes, law enforcement and medical support schedules, and coordinated permit limitations if the weather hold exceeds one hour.

Due to the nature of multi-sport events taking place generally in the outdoors, weather conditions can play a large role in the production of the event.  Because a significant amount of the funds collected during registration have been expended by the day of the event for the production of the event and because each event is uniquely scheduled for its date and location, registration refunds are not possible and rescheduling the event is not possible, and thus the no refund policy.

Our goal is to always produce a full event as scheduled and only modify these plans due to safety concerns some of which can be caused by weather conditions.  Thank you for your understanding of these policies and we appreciate your participation.