Extraordinary efforts by ordinary people

Peak 7 Sports is a multi-event production group located in Woodstock, Georgia.  We have backgrounds of multi-sport participation and competition and enjoy the atmosphere that multi-sport events bring.  There is something very special about people we admire who set athletic goals and through much hard work and many trials ultimately reach out for their goals in the field of sport as in life.  

Our primary goal is to direct and produce world class, multi-sport events that are safe and exciting for all involved.  We endeavor to generate an outstanding environment for superb athletic competition by: producing exciting, challenging, and safe multi-sport events; selecting the finest locations to conduct our events; maintaining a level of attention to detail that is unmatched in our sport; handling all of our business in a fair and positive manner with all of our participants, sponsors, hosts, volunteers, and local communities; creating win-win-win situations for our participants, sponsors and associates.  And having a little fun along the way.